Kurumsal Kurumsal
Kurumsal Mesaj

The root of our company is our long term friendship and partnership which started in college years. After spending years in corporate companies and gaining experience in support systems industry, we have decided to realise our dream for starting our own company in 2008.

Currently Darhan is the distributors of Profit (Belgium), Erico (USA) and AMC (Spain) for Turkish market among with its own branded product groups of seismic bracing, modular support systems and vibration insulation. Darhan branded products possess high quality standarts and are compatible with world wide quality requirements.

The main element of development for us is the solution oriented engineering aproach with worldwide quality design and support service. Our aim is to go beyond just being a supplier and offer unique solutions that can provide solid understanding of customer needs.

From the date we have started Darhan, customer satisfaction goes along with employee satisfaction and development. From the understanding of employees being the most important asset of a company, our major investments go for our internal partners. Organisation and managment with the idea of continous development, just and comfort always led our way to success.

Our goal is to become one of the leading brands in our fields with our engineering aproach, system solutions, vision with the support of our team members. We are aware that this requires hard work and a long vision and we are ready to go for it.