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In addition to being aware of the impact of institutionalism on business performance, the friendly atmosphere in our company is one of the secrets of our success. Darhan always sees his employees as internal partners and encourages them to make decisions and go their own way. Our belief is that a company's most important asset is its dedicated employees. We show the importance required to identify innovative ideas of our employees, and adopt an engineering-based approach in all product categories. While setting our goals, we aim to be the best technical resource for our applications. Darhan offers first quality engineering services in relation to the latest standards.


to produce modular support systems and to supply Founded in 2008, Darhan, modular support systems in Turkey market, seismic suspension components, vibration isolation products, fire has become one of the leading suppliers of conservation fittings and valves in the field. We strongly believe that being a leader in technical knowledge is more important than being a leader in sales, and the power of exchanging information with our partners to make the right decision. Darhan's goal is to make the market an environment of the highest standards. With organic growth that includes product diversity, our goal is to become a world leader brand in all areas in which we operate.